The basement can provide the additional living space you've been looking for.

We can help you achieve this, whether you want more room for your family, or are looking to convert the basement into a rental unit.

Basement Renovations in Durham & Scarborough

A basement renovation is one of the smartest, most rewarding and most cost-effective home renovation projects you can undertake. Transforming your cold, dank basement into a centre for fun and relaxation will transform the way you experience the entire house. By finishing the basement you’ll increase the usable area of your home by up to ⅓ without having to pour any new foundations, build any new exterior walls or pay to have the roof extended. The shell is already there. All you need to do is finish it. At Arts Unlimited our goal is to help you realize the potential currently lying dormant in your basement and bring it to life in a timely, affordable fashion.

Basement Renovation Scarborough: High Quality, Affordable Basement Renovation

A basement renovation is the kind of project that can change your family’s life for the better and add substantial bottom line market value to your home. Here are just some of the reasons people decide to conduct a Basement Renovation in Durham & Scarborough:

To create a home theatre.

To create a recreation room.

To join the home interior with an existing patio or outdoor kitchen.

To create an apartment for a parent or other elderly relative.

To create an apartment to generate rental income.

To create a home office.

We’ll sit down with you and have a relaxed conversation about your vision for the basement and what that might entail from both a logistical and budgetary point of view. We’ll give you our input about the best way to implement your vision as well as some helpful tips about how you may be able to tweak your ideas to create a more complete living experience.

Basement Renovation Durham: The Arts Unlimited Difference

At Arts Unlimited you provide the roadmap and vision, we make sure you achieve your goals in a way that exceeds even your most optimistic expectations. When you work with us you’ll benefit from our:

Affordable rates.

Dedicated craftsmen.

Many years of combined experience.

Commitment to quality and accountability.

Always open lines of communication.

Some contractors treat your home like it’s their personal playground. At Arts Unlimited we know better and act accordingly. Our team of craftsmen treat every aspect of your property with the utmost respect from day 1. You’ll never see us dragging dirt and debris through non-work areas or parking on your flowerbeds. We do our level best to minimize construction noise, minimize disruptions to your normal routine and maintain a safe work environment. We clean up at the end of every day and we don’t declare the job finished until you are completely satisfied.

Make the most of every square foot of your home by enlisting Arts Unlimited to conduct your basement renovation in Durham & Scarborough. We’ll create a space for you that will open possibilities you may have never considered. Your basement is just sitting there, waiting to be put to use. Call Arts Unlimited today and discuss the possibilities of a basement renovation in Durham & Scarborough, or anywhere else in the GTA, with one of our friendly, knowledgeable home renovation specialists.

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